NHS Waiting Lists Can be Avoided – New Guide to Treatment in Europe Will Help Patients Bypass Lengthy Waiting Lists

As the NHS comes under pressure to reduce spending, a new guide to patients’ rights under the recently ratified EU Directive on Cross Border healthcare will help patients to explore the options for treatment in another EU state, funded by the NHS. The new EU directive allows patients to travel within Europe for medical treatment. With today’s news reports raising concerns about rising waiting lists, the ratification of the Directive may help relieve pressure on an increasingly overburdened NHS. Few patients know that they have a right, in certain circumstances, to seek treatment in other European states and for the cost of treatment to be reimbursed by the NHS. And even fewer know how to go about exercising their right to treatment elsewhere within the EU. “Your Rights to Treatment in Europe – a UK patient’s guide to the European Directive on Cross Border Healthcare” has been launched by Treatment Abroad, the leading online portal for medical travel and medical tourism. The guide will help patients understand what their rights are, what they are entitled to and how to go about exercising their rights. It is aimed at clearing up any confusion patients may have about their rights to travel for treatment elsewhere within the EU.

Source: http://www.pr.com

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