Complete Hybrid Operating Room Module

Cadolto presents the operating room of the future as a cost-effective, rational prefabricated solution

The hybrid operating room is the standard of the future, on that medical opinion is largely unanimous. While the combination of conventional operating equipment and angiography has long posed enormous challenges for hospitals in terms of design and construction , only now is prefabrication being viewed as a solution: the prefabrication specialist Cadolto, based in Cadolzburg near Nuremberg, showcases a complete hybrid operating room module.

Room design challenge
The hybrid operating room is gaining ground everywhere. It is now no longer only cardiologists and heart surgeons who are enthusiastic at the prospect of performing minimally invasive, catheter-based and conventional operating procedures in one and the same operating room ; this will sooner or later become the norm in the majority of surgical disciplines .

When image-guided diagnostics make their way into the traditional operating theatre environment, it is not simply a case of installing new equipment. Rather, the hybrid operating room revolutionises the whole layout and equipment of the room. For example, the angiography units require a different arrangement of the operating room staff around the patient. This means that the paths taken by staff, for example in the event of complications, must be carefully thought through. The ceiling mounted screens affect the air flows in the room and also hygiene management . More space is required for ancillary rooms and storerooms, and much more besides.

The first prefabricated solution
In other words: hybrid technology is completely redesigning the operating room. The complex issues which arise have hitherto always been dealt with on a case by case basis by interdisciplinary teams in lengthy, complicated processes .

In future, hospitals will no longer necessarily have to shoulder this extremely costly burden for each project . A new room module developed by Cadolto for the first time translates the knowledge of hybrid operating room experts into a rational prefabricated concept. In close collaboration with Siemens Healthcare and the companies Maquet and Trumpf, the global market leader in high-tech modular buildings has developed a room unit, unique in terms of complexity and design features. Conventional operating room technology, high-end imaging and workflow-oriented room and space management are combined in a hybrid solution that meets the highest current standards in cardiology, heart and vascular surgery, neuroradiology and neurosurgery

Specialist in prefabrication in the factory
Cadolto has for many decades been operating on global scale as a leading specialist in the construction of complex, technically sophisticated, modular buildings. The company’s key expertise lies in the high proportion of the building prefabricated in the factory. This enables the rapid completion of a turnkey construction projection. The company’s comprehensive design and consultancy service, factory prefabrication and rapid, cost-effective and high quality completion of construction projects gives Cadolto customers the security of a professional partnership.

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